Canopy Tour

Welcome to Harpers Ferry Zipline Canopy Tour

Your nearby Zip Line located in Harpers Ferry, only one hour from the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland Metro Regions, and Northern Virginia, the Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour delivers the original and only licensed Zip Line Canopy Tour experience in the region on the beautiful Potomac River where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia come together.

During the 2-3 hour guided Zipline Canopy Tour thrill ride, you'll fly high above the ground and next to the river along 8 zip lines from 200 to almost 800 feet in length. You will also experience several belayed ladder climbs and two suspension bridges as well as a 25 foot free fall on the automatic hands-free safety belay.

To ride the zipline, you will receive a commercial quality harness and helmet, so get ready for the heart pounding adventure and the thrill, beauty, and history of the area while our staff provides you with a memorable experience. Fly through the air on the Harpers Ferry Zipline as you immerse yourself in this active participation event in the pristine beauty of our historic waterfront location! Book Your Zip Line tour NOW

NEW at River Riders Family Adventure Resort:
The Superman Mega Zip Line & Quick Jump
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